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*white kid from 90’s tv show on bed throwing baseball up in the air and catching it while staring at ceiling*

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I’ve never been more emotional about any social media post in my entire life

UPDATE: guys Beth Broderick tweeted yesterday that this Salem is THE SAME SALEM!!! He’s 20 years old man!!!! 20!

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I want to note that the way the sex binary looks like it’s present throughout the animal world is that white scientists have a terrible habit of labeling everything “male” or “female” even when it makes no sense.

Like, by any reasonable metric, bees have three sexes: drone, queen, and worker. Workers are only labelled female because someone couldn’t abide the idea of something not being either one or the other.

And before someone calls “genetics” there are many species where both sexes have the exact same genetics, and even many where individuals can change reproductive capacity at will, and scientists suddenly have no problem calling the ones who grow eggs “female” even though they were “male” two weeks ago.

Some species of mammals reproduce asexually. They have only one sex. It is still called “female” because it makes babies even though one might reasonably ask why even make the distinction when every single individual makes babies just the same.

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Panda researchers in China wear panda costumes to give mother-like feeling to a lonely baby panda who lost her mother [x]

without context it looks like some guy disguised himself as a panda so he could sneak into their panda community and now he’s making a quick getaway with the baby panda

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velma on the streets but daphne in the sheets

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wait what

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y’all enjoy your anime gifs while i just








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People trying to lose weight or starting in #fitness: let me tell you something #elliptical machines for #cardio are #bullshit. Get on a #treadmill and #workout for real!!!

Did you really snap this photo at the gym just so that you could make fun of these people? You do not have the right to take pictures of strangers and post them online without permission. Nor do you have the right to demean and devalue another person’s chosen workout. You do not know their medical history, their goals, their abilities or their intents.

Elliptical machines offer a huge amount of benefits that a treadmill does not. An elliptical is typically less stressful on the knees, hips and back. The handles allow additional balance and support for those who wish/need to include their arms in the exercise. The ability to pedal in reverse gives an additional opportunity to workout your calves and hamstrings. It has even been scientifically shown that people exert more effort on an elliptical than they perceive, meaning that an easy elliptical workout is more intense than the exerciser may think.

If someone is working out to the best of their ability and they are enjoying their time in the gym, then they are working out “for real.” It isn’t your place to belittle their effort. 

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Acid attack survivors in India model new clothing range for powerful photoshoot

Survivors of acid attacks in India have become the face of a new clothing range designed by a woman who had acid thrown in her face while she was asleep four years ago.Delhi-based designer Rupa and her friends Rita, Sonam, Laxmi and Chanchal modelled the clothes from her new range, Rupa Designs, for photographer Rahul Saharan.

Rupa suffered extensive injuries when her stepmother threw acid in her face while she was sleeping in 2008.

She was allegedly left without any medical aid for six hours before her uncle found her and transported her to hospital, where she underwent eleven operations and spent three months being cared for.

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who the hell thought turtlenecks were a good idea


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In 1968, during the administration of US President Lyndon B. Johnson, Eartha Kitt encountered a substantial professional setback after she made anti-war statements during a White House luncheon. Kitt was invited to the White House luncheon and was asked by Lady Bird Johnson about the Vietnam War. She replied: “You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed. No wonder the kids rebel and take pot.”

During a question and answer session, Kitt stated:

The children of America are not rebelling for no reason. They are not hippies for no reason at all. We don’t have what we have on Sunset Blvd. for no reason. They are rebelling against something. There are so many things burning the people of this country, particularly mothers. They feel they are going to raise sons — and I know what it’s like, and you have children of your own, Mrs. Johnson — we raise children and send them to war.

Her remarks reportedly caused Mrs. Johnson to burst into tears and led to a derailment in Kitt’s career

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